Smart Pools

Technology is taking over the world these days, and that’s made its way into just about every nook and cranny of our everyday lives. Believe it or not, that includes the backyard swimming pool you enjoy during the dog days of summer.

How to Decorate a Small Bedroom

Gone are the days of expansive homes with space to spare even after putting in complete sets of furniture. As the concept of space gets dearer and property rates skyrocket in major cities around the world, more and more people are moving to smaller homes with smaller bedrooms. But living in it is one thing, decorating…

How To Design A Home For Accessibility

Millions of Americans grow up with high hopes that they’ll one day inhabit a “dream house” that’s built to their exact specifications. Countless others look at their current abodes and, happy to stay, begin planning out how they’ll renovate their homes for long-term comfort and such things as handicap accessibility. Whether you’re looking to build…