Creative Coasters – Functional & Interesting

It is very often that we feel that how necessary it is to have a set of coasters handy in the home. Coasters are extremely functional for keeping moisture off your fine furniture and they also look interesting. With so many creative coasters to choose from, you can have a different set on every surface of your home. They also make great housewarming gifts. Keep your table tops dry and cool with these creative coasters.


Glow Coaster

Technology combined with creativity, these coaster will lit up once you put your filled glass on it.

Roller Coaster

What goes best with Coaster? Simple- Roller. Simple yet exciting design. Get one here.

‘Put it There’ Pal

Oh well are you tired of telling people to keep the table clean? Well, these coasters will help you do your tiring job.


Sponge Coaster

These cute little pieces will help you keep your table clean. Best suited for bars and cafe.

Scuba Flipper Coaster

Elegant and stylish design will rock your beach party.

Ribbon Coaster

Like these colorful coasters, well they are easy to make. Try here. 

Polaroid Coaster

Well excellent thought was given to this design. These coasters feature the original photographs taken by the designer, taken with am analog camera.

Pixel Coaster

You can create your own pixel creation out of these 50 coaster set. Available in two colors- Pink & Blue. Order here.

Pin Coaster

Pin designs which I guess are influenced by Google maps pin icons. innovative and playful.

Notes Coaster

Leaving notes on coaster won’t be a great idea but what if you can read some in these coasters. Funny notes and can be developed with your own favorite messages.

I-phone Menu Coasters

I don’t think these need any introduction, they are rage just like i-phones are. Nice addition to your apple collection.

Green Coaster

Lets add little greenery to your coffee table. These green coaster will be an excellent addition to your office table too.

Chocolate Coaster

Chocolate lover?, well these would be perfect for you.

Bottle Top Coaster

These coasters make sense to have in any cafe or bar. Trendy and creative.

Bottle Opener Coaster

Two- in- one coasters,you can keep the bottle and can open it with the same piece. Avilable in different colors.

Happy Drinking!