Creative Gift Wrap Ideas

We put lot of thought when it comes to choosing gifts for our dear ones and gift wraps should be personalized accordingly. Some great gift wrapping ideas for every gifting occasion.

Add natural objects like pieces of coral or sand dollar to add subtle tone to the wrap.

You can put a good use to old newspapers, old maps or Sunday comics. Think out of the box!

Ponytail holder not only look good but also can be reused as pretty desk organizer by kids.

Thinking about putting a good use to all those spare tissues?  Essimar has a brilliant DIY idea to make a gift wrap from tissues. Follow the link.

Using felt is inexpensive way to dress up your gift, try colorful strips to match the occasion. 

Mark the date on the gift wrap, enlarge the calendar page and cleverly wrap the gift.

Wrap a bottle of wine in a pretty dish towel, looks stylish and you can experiment with colorful bows.

Use old cards to decorate gifts this season, use your imagination to create intriguing name tags or message cards. 

Pretty designer boxes which can be re-purposed as desk organizers, give extra with gift packaging.

Personalize! Key to any creative gift wrapping idea, you can add life to even a plain brown paper.

Go beyond paper wraps, try wrapping your gifts with fabric for a glam and unique appeal!

Courtesy: Real Simple

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