Creative Ideas to Bright Up your Dining Room

The best way to add a spark to your dining room is to add some bright colors to it. Even if your dining room is small area in the kitchen you can still experiment with wall colors, furniture or add different details like curtains, colorful chairs, rugs and so on. One of the easiest solutions I found was to add color to the cabinet and match table sets with the theme. You can try it out and let me know what you think! Here are some ideas which can brighten up your dining area in no time.

Welcome this spring season with colors like emerald green,  dusk blue, nectarine and sunny yellow. Not only these colors make the place bright but also make the space look bigger. You can experiment by using  vinyl, papers or old crochet pattern on the walls. Just don’t forget the colors that work well with the kitchen color palette. 

If you don’t want to change the wall colors then you can experiment with the colorful furniture. Choose colorful chairs which can go along your existing dining table. Either you can combine them with the existing theme or try bold combinations. Redecoration is not necessarily expensive all you need is little creativity. These three pictures might give you some idea to bright up your dining room.

Easiest and the most interesting way I found was to add colors to the cabinet, it doesn’t cost much and you require minimum time to complete the project.  I would suggest to use open shelve cabinets for better results. Mix n match with the colors you are using in seat cushions or table sets.

Curtains and rugs change the look and feel of the room, if you are not fan of paint then putting colorful curtains matching or throwing a colorful rug on the floor can do the trick. 


Lets Live Impressive!!