Spring Decoration- Mantle

Refresh the looks of your room, decorate the mantle and welcome spring in colorful and trendy way. Everything is beginning to come to life, sunlight is soothing and fills your home with vibrancy and warmth. Add some green plants, blooming flowers, mirrors, colors to the mantle,  add  the room with Spring season charm with these colorful ideas.

Mirrors are the least expensive way to light up a mantle decoration, you can make your own colorful mirror frames or buy it from local home store.  Add elements such as twigs, green stems, candles, colorful vases with your favorite flowers to welcome spring in style. 

I love re- using old things and this picture is perfect for what I had in mind, old window frame, colorful handmade ribbons from old clothes and paper, touch of greenery in an old vase and chalkboard with message to enjoy Spring! 

Crystal vase give a clean and rich look, add  fresh flowers or shells to give a neat look. I like the way decorator has put white lights and has added the height difference with various crystal pieces, it just adds a full yet light tone to the mantle.

Wreaths never go out of fashion, make a pretty twig wreath and add to the mantle along with freshly bloomed flowers to complete the spring decoration of mantle. 

Add  family photographs to the decoration, you don’t have to place the photos on the mantle , try hanging or clipping them to ribbons or a single string to personalize the space. I find it  cute spring party decoration idea.

Add a modern twist to the decoration, decorate your mantle with chalk- drawn birds and outdoor elements to complete the look. Click on link to get instructions.

Want to display your colorful piece of art! Spring is the right time to bring out colorful paintings, but don’t forget to add natural elements to the mantle. After all, spring is all about natural colors and sunshine which bring a refreshing feel to the home. 

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Lets Live Impressive!!