Kitchen Color Schemes

Color inspires us each and every day and kitchen is the place to have perfect shade which inspires you. Choosing a perfect color for your kitchen depends on lot of factors, what color is your cabinetry and appliances, what kind of floor you have, and your favorite color. Even a hint of color can give your kitchen an instant facelift. Neutrals are timeless and pops of color add to the overall look. Grays remain on the top and touches of black add sophistication in the featured accessories. Choose a kitchen color scheme that works for your style and enjoy a rejuvenated kitchen.


Yellow is an energetic, eye-catching hue that can easily uplift mood. Although you can see the color in only upper half and island light fixtures yet this playful scheme is the first thing noticed. Mixed with white cabinetry it gives out an airy feeling. Pic Courtesy

Glazed pumpkin wall color and ebony cabinetry emits a warm and inviting feeling. Vast amount of countertop space is perfect to prepare intimate dinners and converse. Pic Courtesy

White on white color scheme has got a modern edge with sharp black and fuchsia accents, using deeper contrasts in the kitchen help you divide the area in softer yet obvious way. Pic Courtesy

Nectarine is one of the hottest colors in 2013, matched with white and lighter tones of the same color this kitchen has a airy and welcoming charm to it. Pic Courtesy

Neutrals are timeless and if you don’t want to change the kitchen wall color, try this innovative idea – paint the floor.  Add color and texture to a kitchen by choosing an interesting floor, create an eye-catching element instantly. Pic Courtesy

Red is a stimulating color thus its important to carefully use it, use neutral hues to balance the color scheme and soften the impact of bold red. Pic Courtesy

Purple walls and black cabinets go absolutely perfect with white, stainless steel and glass adds fresh and modern attitude to the kitchen. Pic Courtesy

Citrus hues of green and orange gives personality to the kitchen with natural- finish maple cabinets and shelving, White walls gives a spacious feel to small kitchen.  Pic Courtesy

Add depth to contrasting surroundings with aqua shades, light color furniture and dark cabinetry gives a mix feel yet Mediterranean color choice completes the picture. Pic Courtesy

Create a color scheme with dishware, sophisticated white cabinetry and marble surfaces are accented with blue and white antique dishware. Pic Courtesy

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