Decoration Ideas – Niche Decorating Ideas

Niches are the smallest parts of the room and usually ignored, designing a niche depends on the personal taste, home interiors and rest of the theme but decorating them can induce a style statement in your home. Niches are pretty common in living rooms, hallways and bedrooms, from showcasing the artifacts to serve as book shelves niches can serve as a functional corner of the room. Lighting in the niches plays a very important role in highlighting the area so choose it wisely.


The most important aspect while decorating niches is to getting the right background. Niches need to be highlighted, materials like tiles and stones create a versatile look, using glass and wood as base for niche base can easily draw attention. Wallpapers or wall decals are becoming popular choice due to variety and saving on budget. Create a perfect platform to showcase your collection in style. Pics Courtesy

Location of the niche contributes a lot to its design theme and functionality, a niche in the staircase area can be used to put items which are used regularly. If niche is near the TV area, it would make a lot more sense to store DVDs, video game and other entertainment material rather than stuff you don’t require.  


Collection of photographs can also be exhibited in the niche, collection of frames and layouts to showcase collection in style.  Putting Mirror as a background in niche will help you reflect the back half of any object, it helps you creating a three dimensional look even for the ordinary objects such as candles. Pic Courtesy


The most common way to use a niche in the home is to use it as a bookcase; you can lay the books in a manner that creates an artistic appeal.  Combination of upright and flat lying books is really aesthetically appealing and turns the space into book art.  Pic Courtesy

Last but not the least, make the niche itself a bit of a work of art, simply paint the niche a bolder color than the rest of the room and create an effect simply by paint and you don’t have to put anything in niche. Impressive and budget friendly!

Lets Decorate Impressive!!