Fall Decorating Ideas – Kitchen

Fall Season Kitchen decoration can be an exciting task, pretty rustic fall touches, pumpkin and squashes on the table, decorate with things you have in hand. Use the ideas from nature to collect and decorate the coziest place in the home – kitchen. Twigs, pine cones and bright leaves – and crafts of them add a warm touch. Get inspired with these simple decorating ideas. Enjoy!


Start with simple ideas such as creating a fall theme centerpiece for the dining table. A centerpiece  can make your table more warm and inviting, go with bit of traditional setting.Pumpkins look pretty cool, you can get plenty of pumpkins and squashes in weird shapes, textures and colors, pick them for a traditional autumn centerpiece.  Nothing says autumn quite like brilliant red, orange and gold leaves, experiment with them and you can use candles and flowers to add little extra touch to the setting. Pics Courtesy

Take the inspiration from other parts of the home for decoration, wreaths look good on front door and gives a welcoming feel, so why not to add them to kitchen decor. This can also be a great fall craft project for kids. 

Gather the fall elements such as pumpkins, leaves, cones add showcase them in wicker baskets, you can use any shelve at eye level to keep the pieces and for an instant change.

Don’t forget the windows, window decals or a leaf garland can instantly add fall charm to the windows and overall look of the kitchen. Pic Courtesy

Using your collections to decorate with, and bringing similar items together, makes a statement.  Fill the wooden box with cinnamon sticks and potpourri that had nuts and dried apples in it. Pic Courtesy

The baker’s rack in the kitchen is something which you will enjoy decorating for the seasons. Decorate with  pumpkins and old crocks and vintage bake ware. you can also use the junkyard sale collection for a rustic feel. Pic Courtesy

Lets Decorate Impressive!!