Window Boxes Ideas

Planning to give a charming multitude to the exterior of the house, try beautiful garden in miniature – window boxes. It is a perfect idea especially if you lack time, money or energy to maintain an actual garden. Enjoy the colorful flowers and foliage in planters that are small enough to change in five minutes. Give your exteriors a striking change this season.


One of the big challenges would be choosing the right plants and picking colors to complement the exterior walls. Choose from seasonal flowers to racks to create an additional decorative element. Don’t be afraid to create a bold statement.

Lush planter filled with tall plant in the center, mounding plants on the sides and trailing plants flowing over the edges. For an upscale window box, have one custom made from wood and metal liners inside to make it last. Pics Courtesy 

Thumb rule for window boxes, make them interesting. You can decorate and change the look of window box with changing weather or for special occasions. Pic Courtesy

Create a theme as season changes or for special celebrations, showcase a seasonal transition in style with collection of natural gatherings or pieces which give out the message. Begin with a focal point, the one element that draws attention. Create a texture and layers of decorations filling the box with substantial foliage. Pic Courtesy

Lets Live Impressive!!