Beautiful Bedding Ideas

The right bedding brings color and comfort to the bedroom. Invest in quality bedding and timeless colors that you’ll enjoy the sheets for years. Like all other clothes color sheets should be laundered separately and watch out for detergents and bleach which might leave sheets look worn out. Think variety, a set of sateen or percale sheets will keep the bed cool and comfortable in summer and for winter, a flannel set provides cozy warmth. These beautiful bedding ideas are inspiring and will give your bedroom instant makeover.

Bedding Style to Furniture: Choose bed linens that suit the straight lines and contemporary style of the furniture. Limit the pattern palette to two contrasting patterns and a solid. Pic Courtesy

Bedding Ideas 1 Beautiful Bedding Ideas

Timeless Color Combinations:  Create a mood with timeless color combinations, from traditional to contemporary decorating style.  Add accents to the whole display with pillows with an edging.  This color combination of white and brown creates a serene mood and suits any decorating style. Pic Courtesy

Bedding Ideas 2 Beautiful Bedding Ideas

Combine Cool Colors:  Create a mood in the bedroom with solid color bedding in a soft palette. Don’t forget about the wall colors and the headboard color scheme. Keep the look uncluttered with the fitted sheet and tuck the top sheet and bed cover behind the bed rails.  Pic Courtesy

Bedding Ideas 3 Beautiful Bedding Ideas

Duvet Cover:  It’s easy to make your own duvet cover and matching pillow shams from upholstery fabric. Ruffled edging ties the custom-made duvet and pillow shams to the upholstered headboard. Pic Courtesy

Bedding Ideas 4 Beautiful Bedding Ideas

Colors and Patterns:  Introduce color and pattern to make bedding lively, create a playful mood with range of colors from dark to light which provides a dominant theme. For a bolder scheme, the pairing can be reversed with use of dominant shades to lighter shades. Mix of patterns such as checks, dots, circles and diamond plays off to each other, held together by color. Pic Courtesy

Bedding Ideas 5 Beautiful Bedding Ideas

Luxury Bedding: Luscious Italian bed linens make the bed irresistibly inviting. The cotton sateen sheets, pillow shams, Euro shams, and duvet feature a hemstitched contrast border that emphasizes the caramel color. Smoother fabric with a luminous sheen and a buttery softness. Pic Courtesy

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Retro Bedding: Evoke a modern mood with retro colors and tailored designs. Decorative pillows pull together the 1970s-inspired color scheme of chartreuse and brown, with steely gray as 21st-century neutral to cool the scheme. Contemporary bed-making means dispensing with layers of pillows. Pic Courtesy

Bedding Ideas 8 Beautiful Bedding Ideas

Pillows:  Layers of pillows bring color from the headboard down to the bed in this neutral bedroom. An assortment of solids and companion prints offer a range of tones and hues. A chenille patchwork quilt emphasizes the bolder hues. Pic Courtesy

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Seasonal Makeover:  Give the bedroom a whole new look with a complete change of bedding colors and textures that reflect the season.

Bedding Ideas 10 Beautiful Bedding Ideas

Bed Skirt: One –of- a –kind bed skirt from table linens, Spread a pair of square tablecloths over the box spring and layer table runners over them to cover the gaps and add dimension.Pic Courtesy

Bedding Ideas 11 Beautiful Bedding Ideas

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