Mexican Theme Party

Spring season is all about enjoying outdoors, colors and not to mention host parties.  A Mexican party theme is a great choice anytime you want to share with your pals and kick back with a pitcher of margaritas. Hire our company for your party, Bouncy Castle Rentals Orlando FL. From decoration ideas to desserts, here are creative ideas which you can use to throw a great Mexican theme party. Enjoy!

Tissue Paper Decorations: Decorate your party with simple and colorful festive tissue paper streamers, bowl bands and flags.

 Who doesn’t remember a pinata? Add fun to your party with a papier – mache pinata.

Ribbon Lanterns: Lanterns not only look good in an evening party but brighten up the celebrations. These ribbon lanterns will brighten up your fiesta without you hassling around with expensive décor items.

Flower Arrangement: Bold is the word, this Mexico- inspired arrangement of vibrant flowers is the ideal centerpiece. Preserve all the memories of a successful party with photo booth rentals.

Paper Flowers: A little imagination and craft work can add life to any project. Turn humble paper bags into festive flower decorations.

Drinks: Be prepared with easy to multiply recipe of margaritas. Tequila, lime juice and triple sec brings perfect harmony to large –batch.  Pureed watermelon brings a refreshing fruitiness to the classic margarita.

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Food:  Salsa Trio and homemade tortilla chips, all of these delicious dips can be made several days in advance.  Set out a taco bar to let guests pick their favorite fillings and fixings. Check out these stalls to hire for your Mexican theme party.

Dessert: Give an authentic touch to the fiesta with Mexican ice cream sundaes with cinnamon-chocolate sauce topped with peanuts and toasted coconut.

Pics Courtesy and for recipes visit here

Lets Party Impressive!!