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There are few trekking essentials which every hiker, trekker or any adventure loving person must have. Along with these trekking essentials don’t forget to carry a map of the area, compass to guide you through, extra water & food and most important fire starter. Not every expedition will require the use of an essential item. Carrying these basic items improves the chances that one is prepared for an unexpected emergency in the outdoors. Have a safe trek!

Travel Tips for Beginners

Every trek requires sun protection, carry a hat which can cover your  head and back to provide shade from sun and rain. Use gear fabric which can absorb sweat and let you save on your energy too. Glasses and sunscreen are equally important as the right pair of shoes, like any other product test them before you go on trek. Pic Courtesy

Layered clothing is another trekking essential item, like first aid kit you need to make sure you are well layered and flexible to move during the trek. Pic Courtesy

Choose well layered and flexible clothing to move freely during the trek.

“Space” Blanket is priceless in your trekking essentials, when you purchase one of these, make sure to get the one that is space blanket on one side and tarpaulin on the other. You can use them at night by the fire on a cold night as a convection heater. You can fold it into a square, tarpaulin side out, and use it as a table top to lay out lunch or gear. Pic Courtesy

Must Have Trekking Essentials

First Aid Kit, well there is no telling that you should have medical kit with you all the time also if you can take emergency medical lessons it will be an additional safety for your partners.

Nothing protects your food more than Ziploc bag, make sure you keep extra bags handy with you to keep everything humid free and preserved for long time. Pic Courtesy

make sure to keep extra bags handy with you to keep everything humid free

Swiss Knife is something you should always have wit you, even if you are stepping out of just 5 minutes. Pic Courtesy

There is no greater camping invention for the late hours than the headlamp. Whether your prepping a late night meal, or pitching a tent because you ran late on the trail, or trying to remove your contact lenses inside your tent; the headlamp is a miraculous piece of equipment. Pic Courtesy

If you really want to spend something on, socks would be the right choice. The reason behind using good socks is simple. You’re going to be walking all day with a lot of gear on your back. Your feet are going to sweat more than usual and your feet are going to swell more than usual. Hiking socks wick away moisture and they keep your foot stable inside the boot. Pic Courtesy

Trekking Essentials - Most important thing is socks

These trekking essentials are must have for people who love to travel. Lets Live Impressive!!

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