Designing Your Own Cottage in 4 Easy Steps


City life is exciting and fun, and can be a great place to raise a family – especially if you find a lovely home in a suburb nearby. Your children can have a plethora of opportunities, from sports to the arts, to making new friends. You can go out and have wonderful date nights, and your career can flourish. There’s just one thing missing. The call of nature is something that many of us feel, even if we don’t know it.


Going out of the city and into the woodlands offers so many benefits. From fresh air to quiet, a retreat out into the wilderness can be just what the doctor ordered. Camping in uncomfortable situations where you don’t feel at home, of course, is less than ideal. What is ideal is purchasing a vacation property and designing your own cottage from the ground up:

  1. Choosing Your Property

Unlike with trying to find a property in the city, where families and individuals alike are vying for the best properties, the wilderness is wide open. You can choose a property with an already built cottage, of course, but being open to the options will allow you to find the ideal property for you. It could be on the lake, or it could be on a vantage point that gives you some of the best views in the world. Hunting for this perfect property is your first step, and once you acquire it, it’s time to camp.

  1. Getting Used to the Land

It will take time to get everything in motion to start to build your property. Most counties have strict laws about what you can and cannot do on your property. Typically, this means you must get zoning permission before you take down any trees. While all this is occurring, take your family camping.

You shouldn’t worry about insects, either. Outdoor gazebos are easy to put up and build, and can give your family the perfect place to hang out during meals so that you can all camp out in comfort. Take this time to get used to the land and spend some quality time with your family.

  1. Hiring a Contractor

Once you know your property better, it’s time to hire a contractor. You will want to vet who you hire very seriously, as it can be expensive to fix a sub-par job later on. Work with a contractor and a designer to help bring your vision to life, but remember that you must have vision. Designers work best when you have photos and very clear examples of what you want your cottage to look like.

  1. Keeping Tabs

Popping in to check up on the progress of your cottage is smart, because not only can you ensure the design choices are as good as you’d imagined, you can also note the pacing. It’s also a great way to make the wait easier, since you can see the progress.

Your cottage should be the place you escape from the city. Go for the stunning white Christmases, or for the relaxing summers. No matter what the season, your nature retreat is the perfect home away from home.