How To Feel Happier At Work

Happier At Work

Getting Productive

Feeling happy and productive at work can result from a culmination of many factors, including how well you feel appreciated and valued at work, how you avoid the mid-afternoon slump at around 3 pm and how effectively you’re able to complete and delegate tasks. If you want to feel happier at work, you will need to determine which elements of your job could do with some improvement and some tweaking here and there. Whether you’re the manager of a firm looking to improve the work life of your staff, or an employee looking to get the most out of your daily work life, then help yourself get closer towards having a space that’s conducive to working well and staying happy at work. If you are among the millions of Americans who have suffered a job-related injury, you need to make sure you hire a philadelphia workers’ compensation lawyer to help you have a clear understanding of your legal rights.

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Work Settings

Happier At Work

Think about the space in which you work and how it makes you feel, if the current set up is cramped and busy then it’s time to make some rather urgent improvements. Working in cramped conditions can add to the stress of work, and if you’re surrounded by stacked files, untidy desks and tables and working in a stifling environment, you simply will not be working to the best of your ability. If you feel uncomfortable while sat in amongst clutter and chaos, and there’s a strong probability that you will, you need to voice your complaints to the manager. Or if you’re the manager and you’re leading a team in a less than ideal setting and your team are unhappy, you need to make the changes as quickly as possible and shape up the workspace either by redesigning or moving offices. If you sustained an injury on another person’s property that could have been prevented, contact the lexington personal injury lawyer at Hughes & Coleman Law Firm. If you’re not at all sure of where to begin your redevelopment plans then get reading and discover your options for being happier at work. Artefact offers some tips and tricks for improving corporate interior design for an aesthetically pleasing space and increasing productivity.

Regular Breaks To Move About 

Sitting for hours on end at your desk with little stimulation aside from the occasional round of small talk with colleagues is going to leave you feeling uninspired and quite frankly, flat, bored, and tired. Hopefully, your work environment far surpasses this bleak picture of office life, however, if it doesn’t then you’re going to want to be doing your very best to help yourself stay positive and feeling ready to tackle what is required from you. You should be getting up to stretch your legs at least every hour, even if doing this involves getting out of your seat and waking to the photocopier or the restroom. You could even stand up and perform some light exercises designed to help you stretch your limbs and stave off muscle stiffness and discomfort.

Get Difficult Tasks Done First

Procrastinating and putting off a difficult task isn’t going to do you any favors and you’ll be far better off completing the task before starting the others as long as doing so is viable and you don’t have a pressing deadline for other pieces. Start the task you’re looking least forward to first, and then you can forget about it, and start it early. Start the most difficult task you have for the day in the morning when you have the most energy and most tolerance for sitting and concentrating on studious focus. Once you have completed the challenging tasks, then the others will feel far less demanding and easier to achieve.


If you want to feel happier at work, you need to establish work relationships and continue to build on the healthy and beneficial ones. It will help you to feel you’re part of a larger part of the puzzle, and on the most simple level, to enjoy coming to work and interacting with your work friends. By having worthwhile and meaningful relationships with your staff or colleagues, you’ll be effectively boosting morale and workplace enjoyment and fulfillment. If you’re not a happy worker, then you’re not a productive worker so taking steps to improve your happiness at work can only stand to build uncapped advantages for you. By interacting with those around you, you’re also far more likely to understand how operations work and how best they are undertaken. If you’re the manager of a company, then interacting with your staff will allow you to communicate your wishes, concerns, and appreciation for them effectively, and you’ll soon learn of any issues that need attention or ways in which certain processes could be improved.

Have A Good Sleeping Pattern

A good sleeping pattern is essential for optimized health and having a good sleep pattern will allow you to beat being exhausted throughout the day and at work. If you’re not getting the sleep your body and brain needs to efficiently function, then you’ll be falling short of meeting your work quotas as you’ll be unable to give your job your full attention as the day goes on. If you’re tired, you cannot work to the best of your capability, and you’ll be irritable and unhappy at work and home. Not getting your recommended hours of sleep can have serious health implications.

Afternoon Snacks

Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day, and nourish your body with the nutrients it needs to keep you functioning and concentrating. After you’ve eaten lunch and your blood sugars have peaked, then you’re waiting for the inevitable trough in sugar blood and drop in your energy levels and ability to remain focused on the task. To stay happier at work, combat this slump with some forethought and come prepared with some snacks such as peanut butter spread inside the grooves of celery sticks, or a small selection of fruit of a handful of nuts and seeds. It will keep your energy levels consistent, and you’ll be far less likely to be hit with a grumpy spell as the afternoon pushes on.

Get Comfortable

Feel happier and more comfortable at work by investing in your spine health. Suggest introducing chiropractor recommended chairs to your workplace and reaping the benefits of not being in pain and discomfort after a long period of time sat down in front of a computer and a desk. Adding these chairs to your workplace can make a significant improvement in your comfort and could see you become happier at work simply because you’re pain-free and comfortable. Chiropractic treatment, such as a remedial massage, is also highly encouraged if your job entails you having to sit at a poor angle and your posture has suffered as a subsequent result.