The Design of Drowsiness – How Your Bedroom is Affecting Your Sleep


Have you been struggling to sleep? If so, the design of your bedroom could be affecting you more than you realise. Sleep is crucial to our ability to rest and repair. You may be skeptical at first but rest assured we’re not just talking where you bed faces in relation to your window, there is a lot of research out there regarding other subtle cues which your body takes from its sleeping environment. In fact, innovations such as a heating pad can be incredibly beneficial.


Although we all know that getting eight plus hours a night of sleep is crucial to feeling happy and healthy, many of us are unsure how to improve our sleep.Sleep has been shown to be the number one way to improve your life. Lack of sleep can cause us to not only to be tired, but unproductive and dangerous in some cases – depending on your job.

In summary sleep is a vital indicator of health which is why we’ve pulled together the top tips for how you can improve your bedroom:

You Need a New Mattress

Your mattress is the key component of a good sleep. Tossing and turning to get comfortable can affect how quickly you get to sleep and how deep your sleep may be. If it’s uncomfortable because of it’s age, it could be time to invest in a memory foam mattress. Finding the right mattress for your body is essential so make sure you do some research before purchasing.

You Bedroom isn’t Dark Enough

Total darkness is really important for the production of melatonin, which regulates sleep. New curtains and blinds are a good purchase to help block out light, and if those items are too costly – purchasing a good eye mask will also provide the same benefits.

Another important factor when it comes to darkness is to minimise the screen time on your smartphone. Studies show that Australians spend a third of their day in front of a blue screen which is showed to do keep you awake. Charging your phone in a different room could be a good option.

Your Bedroom is Too Hot or Too Cold

Our research suggests that there are links to insomnia when your body is running too hot or too cold. This area of study is an interesting one, with researchers linking our ultimate sleeping temperature to that of a cave. 18 degrees it the ideal temperature to sleep in, therefore a handy alarm which has thermometer built in is a simple way to gauge what type of conditions you’re sleeping in and allow you to adapt your blanket quantity and quality accordingly. Most people opt for something luxurious when it comes to the quality and life of the blankets they sleep with.

Your Bedroom is Decorated in the Wrong Colour

Research has shown that green, yellow, blue and pink are the ideal colours for your bedroom, however purple stimulates brain activity therefore isn’t a good option for your bedroom.

If you’re stuck with which colour to choose, blue has shown to be the best for inducing a good night’s sleep, so looking at a shade that suits you is a good place to start.

Your bedrooms flow is off

There are many people who believe in the principles of feng shui and its impact on energy flow. The fundamentals of feng shui is that where items are placed, there orientation and the effects of the flow of energy around your home, creating a good flow of energy is the ultimate aim.

The above tips should be a great start in helping you design your bedroom to get the best sleep possible. These can be implemented now or step by step depending on your capability. But in order to wake up every day feel refreshed, you should invest in this area as ultimately you are investing in your health.