The Fine Art of Lighting the Bathroom

Lighting the Bathroom

A well-designed bathroom is a refuge where we shed the concerns of the material world and indulge our need for peace, quiet and separation. Bathroom lighting is key to establishing an atmosphere of relaxation and rejuvenation yet at the same time it must promote safety in a subtle but real way, the best kitchen & bathroom remodeling Frederick MD will give you tips on how to do it as a professional. Below we take a quick look at ways to move away from strictly functional bathroom lighting toward something more stylish and engaging of both mind and spirit. At Hotwire Electric we provide a full range of residential electric services for homes great and small.

Lighting the Bathroom

More Than a Bath Room

Here are a few simple ways to transform the lighting in your bathroom, if you want more ideas check this Exquisite Bathroom Accessories Dublin. Contact Them For Your Bathroom Lighting Needs.

  • Upgrade your vanity lighting – Vanity lighting should be both practical and flattering. If the lights around your vanity were chosen randomly, are blinding in their intensity or wind up creating spooky shadows across your face it’s time to remove them and start over. Replace them with one wall mounted fixture of moderate intensity on either side of the mirror. This will eliminate those horror movie shadows while at the same time bathing your entire face in flattering light.
  • Install LED strip lights – LED strip lighting is one of the great lighting breakthroughs of recent years and can be seen in retail outlets, restaurants, nightclubs and more the world over. When deployed with tasteful restraint they can also add both an ethereal glow and a practical safety element to an otherwise humdrum WC. Place them along the base of the cabinets or vanity, along the baseboards or even along the base of the glass panels in the shower enclosure.
  • Add a bit of elegance – If you have a tub in your bathroom consider hanging a chandelier over it. Obviously not any old fixture will do. It should meld seamlessly with the rest of the decor but have a luxurious air about it. Even during the day when it’s not lit it will dress up the space to no end.
  • Don’t forget the dimmers – Each element of your new lighting scheme should have its own dimmer. This will allow you to adjust the mood to a high degree of precision. It’s not only a great way to create an evocative look and feel but it’s great fun as well. And what good is sanctuary if it doesn’t make you smile?

Always Keep the Basics Up Front

Any comprehensive lighting scheme works on the same principles and your new bathroom lighting will too. Those principles are:

  • Start with the ambient – The ambient light is that which sketches in the basic outline of the space. Recessed lighting is a common form of ambient lighting.
  • Add task lighting – With task lighting you illuminate the various work spaces of the room such as the vanity or shower.
  • Create highlights – Shine a small spot light on a piece of artwork, install a light behind a mirror on the back of the shower doors or place a light behind a plant.

Lighting the bathroom properly is not rocket science, it’s art. Approach your bathroom lighting with an artistic eye to create the domestic retreat of your dreams. Hotwire electric is a Toronto Electrical Contractors specialist in Residential and Commercial Electrical Services.