The Best Durable Blinds, Shades and Shutters for Your Bathroom


Bathrooms today are much more than just a bathroom, you can place a glass ordering online and change the look of your bathroom. They are the accent rooms to our bedrooms. We spend a lot of time in the bathroom, so they shouldn’t be left out when making design choices for the windows. They are now making statements as reflection of one’s personality, and interests. One decor accessory that can make a big difference to the entire look is the window covering.

While the decorative aspect is one thing; the most important part is that the window coverings–  Gator Blinds & Shutters Orlando – has to meet the requirements: light control and privacy. So, let us see what kind of window coverings can be your pick for your bathroom.


  1. Roman Shades

Functional, practical and definitely beautiful; this is the true definition of Roman Shades Orlando. You can control lighting, sound and even add softness. Available in any color and any pattern you can think of and Gator Blinds Orlando will make it available for you. Well, as for some advice, choose a fabric that is moisture and mildew resistant and is also super easy to clean.

  1. Faux Wood

Faux wood blinds Orlando are an excellent choice for high moisture areas like bathrooms, they are moisture and mildew resistant. Moreover, they add to the style element by mimicking the look of real wood blinds. The blinds will not warp or crack even after prolonged use thus making it a wise investment choice for bathrooms.

  1. Woven Wood

For the homes that adorn a modern contemporary look, woven wood is an excellent choice. They add up a visual interest and dimension to the bathroom space. Available in top down bottom up style, woven wood blinds allow complete control over the light and privacy aspect that is so necessary in the bathroom. Well, if you need a bit more privacy, how about adding a blackout liner.

  1. Aluminium Mini Blinds

Aluminium mini blinds won’t fade away because the color is baked on to them. Moisture and water resistant, these blinds today come in a plethora of color options and not just plain white. Create a one-of-a-kind bathroom with them and keep getting compliments from everyone. Also check these aluminium suppliers for more info.

  1. AluCore Poly Shutters

Moisture, Humidity and Insect Resistant, the most durable Shutter, it will not yellow, crack, chip, split or warp, it is waterproof. The durability and rigidity of roller shutters Five Dock make it a perfect match for this application. We highly suggest the use in moist areas.

Well, if still there is some confusion over which treatment to choose, why not try mix and match wherein you can choose different styles and create a new look. Try out drapery or curtains over faux wood blinds and add a dash of colour to the space. However, it is equally important to consult the experts who would be the best to suggest a solution for your windows that is practical, functional and fits in your budget too.

Remember that even the smallest room in your house serves a purpose and so deserves a proper treatment. With window coverings Orlando, you can adorn visual interest to your space and also reap functional benefits like light and privacy control.