How to Be a Fangtastic Host on a Budget This Halloween

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Although you’ll welcome ghosts, goblins, and creatures that go bump in the night to your home, these are hardly the most frightening things you’ll deal with as a Halloween host. No, that title goes to the time it takes you to organize a spooky soiree and the price tag that comes with it.

If you expect to escape the fall season with your finances intact, check out these tips below. Here five ways to spend less this Halloween.

Buy Most Food in Bulk

Candy corn, candy bars, and caramels may form the foundation of the Halloween food pyramid, but the sweet stuff isn’t the only thing you’ll be serving as host. Every good party has cocktails and canapes, chips and dip, or cheese and crackers.

With a packed shopping list, it’s easy to use up all your budget on food alone, so be careful how you shop. Consider shopping from a bulk food store to save some money.

In most cases, you’ll get a deal, but always look at the price per unit. With a quick calculation, you’ll be able to see if that family-sized jar of salsa is actually more affordable by the ounce.

Make it a Potluck

Whether you’re planning a sit-down dinner or a casual get-together, food can still be too expensive even with buying bulk ingredients. To shave some cash off your total bill, ask every guest to bring their own dish.

Take a hands-on approach and assign each guest a course before they arrive. This way you won’t run the risk of 10 people showing up with mac and cheese casseroles.

Make it BYOB

Between beer, liquor, and wine, a well-stocked bar is an investment — making booze one of the biggest cash vampires of your budget. To keep your costs low, consider stocking your fridge with only non-alcoholic beverages.

If your guests want to drink, let them know they can bring their own and use your soda and juice as mix. Otherwise, everyone can enjoy mocktails at a more affordable price.

Plan for the Unexpected

With so many people in your house, something is bound to go wrong. Maybe someone breaks a set of your dishes, or maybe they overload your dishwasher while trying to help you clean up. Having some money set aside for these issues can help you overlook these accidents like the gracious host that you are.

However, if they really did a number on your dishwasher, you may get a personal line of credit to help. A personal line of credit acts as a safety net in an emergency. It’s convenient and fast enough you can apply while the party’s still going.

Just be sure to research your options. One of the myths about online loans is that they’re all the same when in reality they come in many different forms. It’s up to you to find the personal line of credit terms that work for you.

DIY Decorations

What’s a Halloween party without décor and costumes to get everyone in the mood? True, it wouldn’t feel festive if your house was free of fake cobwebs and skeleton bones, but these items are unnecessary expenses when money is tight.

Before you rush out to buy these items new, check this out for inspiration. These examples prove you don’t need a life-sized witch that cackles whenever someone walks nearby. Modest, homemade alternatives can be just as effective.

Halloween is the perfect excuse to open your doors and welcome friends and family into your home. But don’t let your role as host put your finances in peril. As long as you follow your budget and remember these tips, you’ll be a fangtastic host.