Author: Hazel

Christmas Decorations – DIY

Snowing outside, snow flakes, images of snowy trees and reindeer makes every Christmas picture complete.  To make this picture little more Christmisy we have some creative DIY ideas

Creative DIY Coffee Table

If you like creating, these coffee table ideas will rock your world.  Pretty inventive and easy on pocket projects for you. Enjoy!

Must Have Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom should be a relaxing place where you can forget about your worries and get away from a busy day.  Take into account the style

Creative Closet Ideas for Kids

Keeping kids room clean is challenging, thus storage needs to efficient, kid-friendly and  fun in an attempt to encourage them to arrange and keep room clean.

Creative Indoor Holiday Decorations – DIY

Holiday Decorations have everything you need to decorate at the beginning of the season through Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. The best part is that these holiday

10 Creative Bookshelves

Books may be loosing the popularity to the waive of smartphones, e-readers and smartphones, but the charm of old school paperbacks and hardcover printed books

Diwali Decorations

Lights, colors, sweets and fire crackers; beautiful festival Diwali/ Deepavali is just around the corner. Rituals such as- painting the house, new furnishings and decorations