Month: October 2012

Living Room Decorating Ideas

Living room is the first place which anyone sees walking in, its space for entertainment, families to get together and spend weekends. While decorating the

Must have Kitchen Tools

15 cool and useful kitchen tools, creative addition to the kitchen and help you save time by speeding up preparation time.

Creative Coffee Mugs

Cafe or home, pair of cool coffee mugs can change the experience of morning coffee. Here are some creative designs for Coffee/Tea Mugs.

Creative IKEA Bathroom Designs

IKEA has been providing optimum solutions for compact nature of modern interiors. These bathroom offers storage solutions, space maximization, laundry washing combined at one place.

Creative Window Blinds

How can we forget decorating windows while designing any room? Here are some creative ideas which can change the look and feel of your windows .

Creative Sewing Projects for Kids

Give the gift of crafting to your kids! Its one of the best ways to channelize their creativity. Its simple yet engaging way to make them

Creative Lampshades

Creative lampshades, not  only they look classic but now you can create these amazing pieces at home. Innovative and functional ideas which will decorate any corner