Year: 2013

Furnishing – Curtain Holders

Curtains are screen between you and the outside world, keep you warm and reduce noise significantly. These practical matters are as important as the color,

Fall Decorating Ideas – Kitchen

Fall Season Kitchen decoration can be an exciting task, pretty rustic fall touches, pumpkin and squashes on the table, decorate with things you have in

Staircase Runner Ideas

Decorating stairs? Well, that’s not something most of us would think of on everyday basis and even though wooden and marble stairs look amazing they

Minimalist Living Room Designs

Minimalist design is becoming first choice for small apartment owners, and the concept offers simplicity, freedom from clutter and stress. While planning a minimalist concept

Faux Fireplace Ideas

If you have liked the idea of a fireplace but don’t think it was practical enough, well you have an easy answer – fake fireplace.

Organizing Ideas – Garage

Garage organization has never been a simple task and we tend to let go this part of the house, piling dirty shoes, yard tools and

Front Door Color Ideas

Welcome guests to your home with a bold, beautiful color front door, front door could say a lot about your appearance and is a great

Modern Relaxing Chairs

Whether it is long day at work, shopping or finishing home chores we all need time to relax at the end of the day and