Author: Hazel

Sunroom Furniture Design Ideas

When it comes to sunroom furniture it requires consideration as to where to be placed and what material to be used.  The sunroom is usually

Loft Beds with Desk Underneath

Loft beds add a stylish touch to the any bedroom. Stylish and space saver, these beds are crafted to suit the individual needs of your

Modern Crib Ideas

One of the coolest features in any baby room is the Crib. These Modern crib ideas are perfect for any modern nursery, it is not

Organizing Ideas – Jewelry Display

We all love jewelry and would love to showcase it with an impressive jewelry display. You don’t want to end up looking for your favorite

Travel Tips – Trekking Essentials

There are few trekking essentials which every hiker, trekker or any adventure loving person must have. Along with these trekking essentials don’t forget to carry a map

Kids Room Decor – Ceiling Designs

Kids enjoy bright colors, unusual and adventurous room decor! Kids room decor is a fun task and unique ceiling designs encourage to dream and add fun