Author: Hazel

Cane Furniture Designs

Aesthetic and functional, that is how I will describe Cane furniture. Available in different designs and can be made as per requirement. Cost effective and

Designer Head Showers

A relaxing shower can change the course of your day. Anybody who has a flair for bathroom decor a modular head shower will be the first choice

Designer Glasses

Rising temperature and humidity leaves anyone craving for a drink. Whether you are sitting at home or your favorite bar, these glasses will surely change your drinking

Creative and Trendy Bar Stools

Bar stools might seem simple but looking at the diversity in designs and style you might find yourself stuck while choosing the right one.  Kitchen,

Designer Carpets and Rugs

Keeping my feet on the right carpet makes my day! What about you? Ideas and designs intrigued with originality and humor. These carpets are right

Creative and Modular Cushions

Creative Cushions can change look and feel of any room. It doesn’t matter if you are in decorative furniture or would like to keep the

Compact Home Office Ideas

As a independent worker and  independent professional, home offices has become a key place in working system. Compact home office is more convenient, easier to access and more efficient, while designing